How does the process begin?

Once you contact us, we will discuss your project needs and desires, determine the general size of your project, discuss any style or design inspirations you have and schedule an on-site consultation. This is a complimentary consultation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and its surrounding cities.


 During the consultation we will take measurements of the site and discuss in further detail the theme, style, design and general color scheme of your project. We will bring custom samples to help inspire you in the design process. Pre-selecting photos and or samples of your vision will expedite the process and give us insight into your personal style and taste. 


After we've determined your project needs, a proposal detailing the scope of work and a contract is provided for your review. Upon acceptance of the proposal and signing of the contract, we require a deposit of 50% to begin sample designs and secure project dates.  Next, exact colors are selected and custom sample boards are created using your design specifications. Once you've approved the sample boards, we're ready to begin your project.  The final payment is then due on the day of project completion.


Do you travel and how does the process work if I live out of town?

Yes, we do travel. The process is basically the same but does require some modification. For instance, you will need to take measurements and send digital photos to us of the project area. Additional travel and lodging expenses will be incurred by the customer.


How long does it take?

Timing is subject to the selected techniques. The drying times needed for different layers, textures and products may vary.  After these variables are considered, we will be able to give you an estimated time of completion.


How do you price?

Decorative and Faux Finishes are priced per square foot according to design and intricacy of technique. The prices for Murals, Commissioned Paintings, and Trompe L'oeil also depend on the complexity of the design and the techniques and art mediums used for the project.  


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and Personal Checks with proper identification.


Can I get a custom look on a budget?

Yes, you can!  We understand being on a budget and still wanting to achieve that custom look.  Our prices are very affordable and competitive.  We work with our clients to help them get the look they want at a price they can afford.


Do the walls need to be prepped?

Not necessarily. Our crew is qualified to take a project from start to finish.  We can remove wallpaper, apply texture, prime and paint in preparation for your project.


How long before I can hang my pictures up?

Most of our products dry within 24 hours, although humidity and cold weather conditions can increase drying time. Some plasters and oils need longer to dry. 


Do I need to be home while work is being done?

No. Actually, the majority of our clients are working, running errands and going about their daily activities. Our goal is to complete  your project smoothly with minimal disruption to your household. To avoid little, painted paw prints, however, we do ask that you secure family pets.


Do I need to move furniture from the project area? 

Yes. All furniture MUST be moved, if not entirely out of the room then at least 6 feet from all project walls. If a ceiling surface is included in the project no furniture can be left under that area in order to accommodate scaffolding and ladder access.  All non-permanent wall fixtures and window treatments should be removed as well. Any remaining furniture will be protected with either drop cloths or plastic sheeting.