Welcome to the new "A Work of Art!" website at art-wrk.com

Hello and welcome to the brand new site of "A Work of Art!" faux finishing.  We are so excited to share with each of you our passion for art and how we transform blank, white surfaces into masterpieces.  Art for us is not just a way of life, but a gift from God to impact our world and your environment with "living art."

What is "living art"?  It is art that touches your life daily.  It is a mural in your child's bedroom or the faux finish in your dining room.  It is a custom canvas painting that you never grow tired of and still takes your breath away every time you walk past it.  

"A Work of Art!" is a full service commercial and residential faux finishing, painting, decorative arts and remodeling company located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  We specialize in faux finishes, custom murals, fine art, painting and renovations.  Our mission is to achieve excellence by continually educating ourselves in the industry's latest products, specialty finishes and art mediums, while upholding time-honored craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We are committed to offering you superior customer service and competitive prices.

Our clients include architects, residential and commercial builders, business owners, churches, general contractors, homeowners, interior designers, and schools.  Whether your project is a new construction, a remodel or a renovation, we work closely with your interior designer, contractor, and builder to ensure timely and professional results.  Our skilled team of talented artists bring their extensive knowledge to your project.  We have the expertise to complete every size of project, large or small.

Over the years, many of our friends and clients have asked how we began and where we get our inspiration.  Well, we began with an entrepreneurial spirit combined with an insatiable desire to create art.  With a background in art and business, we knew that we possessed the talent, creativity, business intelligence and work ethic to succeed. So, in April 2001, we began serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Today we have the pleasure of working in the most breathtakingly beautiful homes throughout the nation.  As for our inspiration, that comes from everyday life.  Wherever we go, we are constantly looking for new things to inspire us -- the sounds and sights of a city, the surrounding countryside, a piece of fabric, an old postcard or a scrap piece of paper can all become the launching points for our creations.  Oh, and lets not forget you, the client!  I am constantly  amazed at your creativity, which we have the privilege of translating into custom works of art.

We are thrilled to say "Thank you" for your continued support in sharing our passion with your family and friends and for giving us the opportunity to help make your home or business "A Work of Art!"

Sandra Gonzalez