Daystar Television Studios

WOW!  The Daystar Television Network Studios was my fourth project for the awesome people and facility of Daystar.  The Daystar Studios are comprised of several individual sets that are interconnected with one large open expanse.  Just about everywhere you look throughout the studios, you will see the craftsmanship of "A Work of Art!"

The Daystar project was a massive undertaking.  It took a multitude of talented professionals from various companies to construct an amazing set.  Our team consisted of a network of eighteen local christian artists and faux finishers, each very gifted in their field of art.

Here is where we worked our magic!  We met with a company that specialized in Styrofoam and we selected the architectural elements for the sets.  Starting with raw, white foam we began the distressing process and then added specialized primer and plaster to create the look and feel of centuries-old, hand-chiseled stone. 

daystar_1 - Copy.png

Next, began the layering and hand painting processes necessary to produce the custom finishes on the furniture and shelving.  Check out the faux wood graining on the expansive library cabinetry, which all began as MDF board!  People tell me all the time while looking at our wood graining work, that they would never know the difference if we had not of told them!


Daystar Library 003.JPG

Even the storage closet looks like woodwork with old, iron hinges and door pulls.  In reality, this is hand-painte Trompe l'oiel.  Notice the ares of open sky above the rooftops; it is actually a large mural painted on canvas and sheetrock.

One of my favorite elements in the project is the slate and glass mosaic archway that we created and then faux finished to appear aged.  This mosaic was a wonderful and unexpected opportunity to play with texture and create visual interest in an area that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

The wall textures and finishes were selected for their aged characteristics in keeping with the old, European style of layering plasters on top of each other from generation to generation.  This process creates depth with different colors, textures and also shows cracking and crumbling which adds character.  This technique is demonstrated on various surfaces throughout the set.

The cobblestone, faux painted flooring was an opportunity to work with acrylics in a new dimension.  Using garden sprayers several different layers of acrylic stain were applied to the concrete surface.  After the layers had dried, the cobblestones were hand painted.  We crawled around on our hands and knees to paint highlights, lowlights, and add the finishing touches.  Ouch!

Another major focus was the sixty five foot long by nineteen foot tall backdrop mural.  The massive, hand painted canvas is visible from just about every angle of the studio.  The mural design began from my basic, thumbnail sketch on a sheet of paper and grew exponentially.  We began with two very talented artists and started the layering process by airbrushing the foundation of sky and terrain.  After that, the hand painting began with many layers of detailing, starting with large brushes and working our way down to very small.  In total, eight professional artists worked together to create this stunning backdrop.

Daystar Mural 001.jpg

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