The Next Chapter

I created this bathroom three years ago.  We touched every square inch of this room. Gray hadn’t become the new brown yet.  It was just peaking in the design market at that time. My goal was to bring in the things I love.  The design challenge was the granite.  It had grays and browns mixed with a slight pink undertone in the brown, which I didn’t like. So, I played down any color that would enhance the reddish tones. I also wanted to create a vintage retro look.  I always like to add a pop of something unexpected and fun.  My pop was the chandelier over the toilet.  Glass bricks were used for the tub and shower surround. The porcelain floor tiles were 12x24.  We hand trowled the walls, painted all of the walls, the ceiling, the trim, and the wainscoting. What I love most are the colors, the patterns, the texture and the layering.   Look for color. Look for contrast, layering and some fun! This palette is completely neutral.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! After 22 years we have recently sold our home and we will be moving on to create the next story of our life.